Basement Stories: The Idea

While catching up with a friend over lunch, a familiar topic came up once again. He wants to write, or needs to write rather, but of what he wasn’t sure. I suggested a writing prompt book I had seen at Barnes & Noble. I’d seen the book, or perhaps multiple similar books, and had even thought of him when I was in the store.

For a brief moment I thought, what if he purchased the book and it was not what he was looking for at all? I’d have wasted his time while thinking I was helping him along. A better idea came to mind. What if I gave him writing prompts, rather than him spend money on someone else giving him ideas. I could even make writing prompts for myself and we could compare stories. Or maybe, if I could even get others to write following my prompts, we could motivate each other to write even more.

My mind went to the same place it always does. “This sounds like a great idea for a website!” Immediately I imagine people logging in on a daily basis to see the new prompt, submit a short story, read others, and vote on their favorites. Like all of my other failed website ideas, I also see it failing. But also, just like all my other failed website ideas, I know I’m going to do it anyway

Ernesto Jaboneta

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