Loyalty: A False Promise

I dont believe in loyalty.

Loyalty is for the dishonest. Those who are too weak to own up to their falsehoods and take responsibility for their own actions.

We believe loyalty to be a virtue. A promise to support one another under any circumstance. A unique trust that cements the bond between two people. But it is a false promise.

Loyalty doesn’t encourage trust or honesty. It doesn’t support or enrich. It forces us to do things that we may not agree with or that may not be good for us or even for the other person, in order to prove ourselves as worthy of our relationships. At best loyalty is how we convince ourselves of our importance to others. Otherwise it’s just a tool we use to control them when we can’t or won’t face reality.

I dont believe in loyalty. Not because I dont believe in being a good friend or having someone back, but because I’d rather have the support of those important to me because they believe in me and not because they have to. And when you don’t believe in me, have enough respect for me to tell me the truth.

If I’m wrong, tell me I’m wrong. If not, you’re lying to me. I’d rather have a friend that helps me see the truth about myself rather than one who blindly agrees and backs me up when I shouldn’t be doing what I’m doing. Enabling my ignorance or dishonesty isn’t friendship and loyalty isn’t truth or respect. It’s a lie.

Ernesto Jaboneta

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